Youngsters learning from history

In order to increase historical awareness among youngsters, the Sittard War Graves Commission regularly organises lessons at schools and memorial services at the Kindermonument (childrens’ monument) in Sittard.

At Trevianum secondary school British soldiers often host several classes for the Cambridge English department. Our commission would also like to offer classes in Dutch, to allow a broader spectrum of pupils to enjoy these lessons. For more information regarding the educational possibilities and host lessons, you are free to contact our commission.

The adoption of graves

The grave adoption register was officially opened during the reception on Armistice Day 2019. This register makes it possible to adopt a grave at the military cemetery in Sittard.

Due to the fact that a different adoption register has been in existence for several decades, we first offer former adopters the opportunity to (re)adopt a grave. Those interested in adopting a grave can contact us via e-mail address, after which they will be informed about the procedure.

As from May 2020, adopted graves will be allocated. Adopters will receive a personal certificate and, if available, information about the soldier in question. To cover administrative costs, we ask a fee of 5 euros a year.