Financial support

For years, the Sittard War Graves Commission has been loyally and generously supported by citizens from Sittard and the surrounding area. Primarily, people who have experienced the consequences of war themselves support us with donations for our events. Sittard-Geleen municipality is also a loyal financial partner of our commission. In addition, a number of private entities contribute to our annual budget.

In particular, we are dependent on donations from individuals and companies for the funding of our plans and activities in the educational field. The board of the foundation consists exclusively of pro bono volunteers, which minimises the administrative costs. This means we can spend almost all finances on substantive matters.

ANBI (PBO – Public Benefit Organisation) -acknowledged charity

The commission has been recognised by the tax authorities as a PBO. A donation is therefore fully exempt from taxes; taxes are therefore fully refundable with the tax administration office, and will be deducted from your annual gross income. Another option is available through periodic donations. Further information can be requested via your financial expert.

Addendum to donators

We do not offer any funding through mutual benefit. We do, however, mention our sponsors on our website. Moreover, they can count on us for a VIP treatment and privileges at our official events.

Support in kind

Not only are we responsible for financial support, but also substantively for support in kind, such as religious support and musical or audio-technical support at events or for selfless volunteers of our initiative. Furthermore, the British forces can also be counted on for support to some extent.

Thinking of donating?

With us, a donation is guaranteed to contribute to our official commemorations.

Our sponsors

– Sittard-Geleen municipality
– Province of Limburg
– Beneficial commission Jan de Limpens, Oirsbeek
– Ermeco Digitale Communicatie,
– Rabobank Westelijke Mijnstreek,
– Anonymous donators who do not wish to be mentioned, but are also greatly valued.


Your donations and gifts are greatly appreciated and can be credited to IBAN:
NL98 RABO 0105 0883 82
to: Stichting Oorlogsgraven Comité Sittard.