Remembering the fallen and keeping our history alive

In 1946 a Remembrance Commission was founded for the victims under the allied soldiers. This was done in full recognition by the Dutch War Graves Commission and the then minister of War (now Ministry of Defence). Since 1986 the Sittard War Graves Commission has been an independent commission with the legal rights to receive inheritance, legacies and donations.

Making family visits possible

For many years the commission has made it possible for family members of the fallen to visit the graves. Many families have thus experienced the gratitude of the community of Sittard for their sacrifice, and the resulting changes toward a safe and peaceful community. Even though many family members still contact the commission, the commission’s role in this will, naturally, diminish.

Our role now and in the future

The more time has passed since the war, the more generations haven’t experienced war. However, new generations must also retain and gain awareness of the sacrifices made, as these have had a definitive and lasting effect toward a safe, peaceful and prosperous community. After all, these sacrifices have lasting added value for the current peace and security. Our commission therefore strives to bring this to the attention of the young, by remembering, reminiscing, and pro-active education. We strive to bring the core values of our democratic community to their attention.

The Sittard War Graves Commission is also involved in the annual national remembrance events on 4 May.

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